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Graphic Designer
  •  Jaina designer
  •  20000 - 25000
  •  Shalimar bagh
  • Experience : 1 Years

Job description

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Candidate should be able to edit images and videos from online stores and websites.
  2. Prepare rough drafts and present ideas
  3. Develop illustrations, logos, and other designs using software or by hand.
  4. Closely work with Management to understand company requirements.
  5. Ensure final graphics and layouts are visually appealing and on-brand.
  6. Clearly understand brand requirements and work on various projects independently.
  7. A strong portfolio of illustrations or other graphics
  8. Familiarity with design software and technologies (such as InDesign, Illustrator, Corel drawl , Photoshop)
  9. Candidate should be creative, self starter 

Key skills : Illustrator,Photoshop, Coreldraw
Post Date : 12, Jan 2021
Project Manager(Japanese Language )
  •  35000 - 45000
  •  Gurgaon
  • Experience : 4 Years
Job Description for Project Manager is as follows:
 Coordinate internal resources and third parties/vendors for the flawless execution of projects
 Ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget
 Assist in the definition of project scope and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring
technical feasibility
 Develop a detailed project plan to monitor and track progress
 Manage changes to the project scope, project schedule and project costs using appropriate verification
 Measure project performance using appropriate tools and techniques
 Report and escalate to management as needed
 Manage the relationship with the client and all stakeholders
 Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation
Meet with clients to take detailed ordering briefs and clarify specific requirements of each project
 Delegate project tasks based on junior staff members' individual strengths, skill sets and experience levels
 Track project performance, specifically to analyse the successful completion of short and long-term goals
 Meet budgetary objectives and make adjustments to project constraints based on financial analysis
 Develop comprehensive project plans to be shared with clients as well as other staff members
 Attend conferences and training as required to maintain proficiency
 Perform other related duties like admin and marketing as assigned
 Develop spreadsheets, diagrams and process maps to document needs
Key skills : experience of working with Japanese companies,JLPT 5,JLPT 4,MS Office,analytical skills,knowledge of Japanese Language
Post Date : 09, Jan 2021
  •  25000 - 30000
  •  Gurgaon
  • Experience : 1 Years
The job description for Counsellor is as follows:
 Listening to students' academic, emotional, social, and behavioral concerns in an open and
non-judgmental way.
 Working directly with students to develop solutions and set achievable goals.
 Assisting with conflict mediation and resolution between students, students and teachers, or
parents and teachers to ensure students' goals are not disrupted.
 Providing one-on-one career guidance and skills assessment to assist with career
 Helping students to prepare for admissions applications and tests.
Providing students with materials related to a career of their choice or career counselling to
suit their skills.
 Developing, monitoring, and assisting with counselling programs.
 Offering referrals to outside resources, such as for mental health, substance abuse, or
vocational-related activities.
 Reporting student issues to the appropriate state authorities if neglect or abuse is suspected

Key skills : accommodating personality,Patient, friendly,Social perceptiveness,Graduate/MBA Fresher can be preferred
Post Date : 09, Jan 2021
  •  Marriage Linkers
  •  12000 - 18000
  •  Netaji Subhash Place
  • Experience : 1 Years
Job Responsibilities:-
 Responsible for making outbound calls and regular follow up on leads assigned.
Build a strong relationship / trust with customers by understanding the customer requirements and suggesting the right product to the Customers.
Selling Membership over the phone and achieve the targeted sales numbers & value, set quality parameters
Explaining the product features in detail and how to use the packages.
Understand the Customer requirements, encourage them to upgrade / renew the matrimony packages.
Address all the issues / grievances of customers and provide the right customer experience.
Capture the insights from customer interactions and share it with the internal team.
Strictly adhere to the process requirements.

Key skills : Presentable Skill, Communication Skill,Confident, Energetic
Post Date : 09, Jan 2021
Relationship Manager
  •  Marriage Linkers
  •  18000 - 25000
  •  Netaji Subhash Place
  • Experience : 2 Years
The main role of a Relationship Manager is to sell paid memberships over phone to clients who are looking for matrimony alliances. The job is to reach out to various customers via Phone Call, Video Call or Skype, explain them the product and features and deliver value to the customers. This position requires individuals to be self-motivated, demonstrate initiative and enthusiasm in carrying out their responsibilities and possess a highly professional demeanor. 

 Job Responsibilities: • Build a strong relationship/trust with customers by understanding the customer. requirements and suggesting the right product to the Customers. • Selling Membership over the phone and achieve the targeted sales numbers & value, set quality parameters. • Make outbound cold calls to targeted list of prospects and Regular follow-ups and final turn up. • Must possess Customer Service Attitude, Single point of contact for the complete sales cycle for the Client.

Key Skills Required:
 Inside sales Executive, Sales representative, Lead generation, Cold calling, Outbound, Inbound.

• Having relevant Telesales and Customer services working.
• Experience (Sales experience is a must). • Candidate should be smart enough to pitch the customers.

Key skills : Presentable Skill, Communication Skill,Confident, Energetic
Post Date : 09, Jan 2021