1 Years

11000 -15000

Job Description

  1. Handle maintenance and operation of our computer systems
  2. Set controls on computers and other devices, respond accordingly when errors occur and maintain records of job runs
  3. Analyze common issues and take steps to reduce or eliminate them, and collaborate with other IT personnel and seek help from supervisors
  4.  to develop relevant solutions
  5. Perform preventative maintenance on hardware and software, troubleshoot malfunctions and call for repairs as needed
  6. Maintain equipment inventories and order supplies and hardware accordingly
  7. Ensure the security and privacy of the system for our client
  8.  Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field.
  9.  Proven work experience as a computer operator.
  10.  Advanced knowledge of computer electronics including circuit boards, chips, processors, and peripheral equipment.
  11.  Excellent problem-solving skills.
  12.  Knowledge of modern operating systems, Enterprise, networking, and Office software.
  13.  Knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures.
  14.  Good interpersonal skills.
  15. Ability to work in high-pressure situations.

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