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1 Years

25000 -30000

Job Description

The job description for Counsellor is as follows:
 Listening to students' academic, emotional, social, and behavioral concerns in an open and
non-judgmental way.
 Working directly with students to develop solutions and set achievable goals.
 Assisting with conflict mediation and resolution between students, students and teachers, or
parents and teachers to ensure students' goals are not disrupted.
 Providing one-on-one career guidance and skills assessment to assist with career
 Helping students to prepare for admissions applications and tests.
Providing students with materials related to a career of their choice or career counselling to
suit their skills.
 Developing, monitoring, and assisting with counselling programs.
 Offering referrals to outside resources, such as for mental health, substance abuse, or
vocational-related activities.
 Reporting student issues to the appropriate state authorities if neglect or abuse is suspected

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